The Mount: Regionals

By Elizabeth Grimsley, Christina Marmet and Caroline Medley


We’ve been waiting all season for this weekend! While the top 12 teams are looking to advance unscathed, the rest of the field are hoping to play the spoiler roll and book a ticket to St. Louis for the NCAA National Championships. Over the past two weeks we have previewed and analyzed each of the six regionals. You can find those features below, as well as our predictions for the meets. And don’t forget to enter your own predictions in the 2017 NCAA Gym Bracket Challenge! The deadline for submissions is Friday, March 31 at 7 p.m. ET.
Gainesville Regional: 4 p.m. ET
No. 3 Florida, No. 10 Georgia, No. 15 Missouri, No. 30 New Hampshire, No. 33 Penn State and No. 35 North Carolina
PreviewCaroline: Florida and Georgia. It would take a beamplosion of epic proportions for Mizzou to overtake Georgia at this point.
Christina: Florida and Georgia. Mizzou could maybe, mayyybe challenge but it would take a meltdown from Georgia. I think the Dawgs have found their groove and should come ahead here.
Elizabeth: Florida and Georgia. I’ve counted out Georgia in the past under Durante and it’s always found a way to make it.

Morgantown Regional: 4 p.m. ET
No. 6 Alabama, No. 7 Michigan, No. 18 Southern Utah, No. 20 George Washington, No. 23 West Virginia and No. 31 Kent State
PreviewCaroline: Bama and Michigan for sure. I like SUU and GWU, and I would love to see an upset, but I don’t think Michigan will let it happen again.​
Christina: Alabama and Michigan. Because I need Michigan to make it, especially after last year’s regionals. Redemption time.
Elizabeth: Alabama and Michigan. I don’t see the Wolverines having an implosion two years in a row.


Champaign Regional: 5 p.m. ET
No. 5 UCLA, No. 8 Oregon State, No. 17 Iowa, No. 19 Illinois, No. 22 Eastern Michigan and No. 24 Ohio State
PreviewCaroline: I have to go with UCLA and OSU. Iowa or Illinois would have to have a very good night and one of the Pac-12 teams would have to have a really rough one for that to change.​
Christina: UCLA and Oregon State. Despite UCLA’s poor showing at PAC-12s, I think it would take a lot for the Bruins not to advance here. But who knows. Illinois could give both a bit of a scare but realistically I don’t see these two challenged.
Elizabeth: I, too, am going with the Bruins and the Beavers. I just think they’re too strong, even on an off day, to fail to advance.


Fayetteville Regional: 5 p.m. ET
No. 4 Utah, No. 9 Denver, No. 16 California, No. 21 Auburn, No. 27 Arkansas and No. 28 Central Michigan
PreviewCaroline: Utah and Denver, I think. Cal has not been consistent enough with all its injuries to make the jump this time.
Christina: Utah and Denver. Because I just need Denver to advance this season.
Elizabeth: Utah for sure. And my heart says Denver. Although if little mishaps occur, things could get interesting.


Lincoln Regional: 5 p.m. ET
No. 2 LSU, No. 11 Boise State, No. 14 Nebraska, No. 25 Arizona, No. 29 Iowa State and No. 36 Minnesota
PreviewCaroline: LSU is a shoo-in, and I gotta go with my team, Boise State. Learning about their team this year has really invested me in their story and I believe in them! I think they have what it takes.
Christina: LSU and Nebraska. Sorry Boise State, I’m going with an underdog upset. Nebraska will need a much stronger performance than at Big 10s, but it is very well capable of it. Never count out Nebraska in postseason.
Elizabeth: LSU for sure, as well as Boise State. 2017 is the Broncos’ year. I can feel it.


Seattle Regional: 7 p.m. ET
No. 1 Oklahoma, No. 12 Kentucky, No. 13 Washington, No. 24 Utah State, No. 32 Stanford and No. 34 BYU
PreviewCaroline: I actually am gonna break with the group and go with OU and Washington. I think the Huskies will get it done at home. As much as I love Kentucky, I think they’ve been more inconsistent on the road than Washington at home.
Christina: Oklahoma and Kentucky. This is so hard, and I think it will come down to the wire with Washington, but Kentucky has had a special place in my heart this season. I hope it can make it to nationals for the first time ever as a team.
Elizabeth: Oklahoma, duh. Plus, I’m going with Kentucky over Washington. I just think the Wildcats are stronger despite the Huskies being at home.


As for those of you still in the running for the 2017 fantasy gymnastics crown, find an up-to-date injury report on our injury updates page to ensure you don’t have questionable or hurt gymnasts in your lineups.
Time (ET)
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Fri, Mar 31
7 p.m.
NCGA DIII Nationals (Team and AA)
Sat, Apr 1
4 p.m.
Gainesville Regional
Sat, Apr 1
4 p.m.
Morgantown​ Regional
Live Stream
Sat, Apr 1
5 p.m.
Champaign​ Regional
Sat, Apr 1
5 p.m.
Fayetteville​ Regional
​Sat, Apr 1
5 p.m.
Lincoln​ Regional
Live Stream
​Sat, Apr 1
5 p.m.
NCGA DIII Nationals (Event Finals)
​Sat, Apr 1
7 p.m.
Seattle​ Regional
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  1. Will the streams and videos be available for replay? Which ones? This is very important information for those of us who have things preventing us from watching live! 🙂

    1. While we don’t know for sure, we believe at least the SECN+ and Washington ones will be archived as their regular season meets are typically available for replay. However, we can’t say for the Champaign, Lincoln and Morgantown regionals.

    1. While they normally require a login, they shouldn’t for these particular meets. However, we do not work at ESPN, so we can’t provide more information than that unfortunately. You will also see that it appears as though the Lincoln live stream will require a subscription but Nebraska clarified on Twitter that the video will be free.

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